The Landscape Trienale 2021 - A promenade through Nuenen

De wereld van Van Gogh - plankaart
De wereld van Van Gogh - visual
De wereld van Van Gogh - schilderij
May 6, 2021

In light of the 2021 Landscape Triennial, Eric Luiten, chairman of the Landscape Triennial Foundation, took a walk through Nuenen and Wim Daniëls asks Gerard Rooijakkers about the Van Gogh National Park / the name of the landscape. It provides a nice walk along scenes, which are sometimes literally painted by Van Gogh and sometimes only indirectly refer to the painter. And above all, it provides a lively and critical dialogue on the subject, which can be seen in the video of the walk, which can be downloaded and viewed via the attached link:

video: Van Gogh National Park - The name of the landscape - a walk through Nuenen

The involvement of MTD landscape architects in the walk is twofold. The office was commissioned by the municipality of Nuenen to draft the Structural Vision 'The World of Van Gogh' Nuenen, which concerns the area of ​​the Park, the Berg, the Van Gogh Church, the Hooidonkse Beek and the adjacent outlying area with the Molen de Roosdonck; in fact the sub-areas where the walk takes a long time.
In addition, the office naturally supports the Landscape Trienale and has committed itself to this 'promenade' for three years through a sponsorship.

The Structural Vision 'The World of Van Gogh' Nuenen describes and visualizes the possibilities within the plan area to strengthen the cultural-historical, urban development and landscape structures and qualities and to add contemporary elements and programs. In addition to an integral structural image of the core, the potential for a number of important places is visualized and made concrete by means of Layout Sketches.
Van Gogh is seen as a source of inspiration in this regard. Although he only lived in Nuenen for two years, he painted a quarter of his oeuvre there and many of these scenes are still recognizable within the core in almost their original state.