MTD wins 1st prize in competition Triangle Park Yerevan / Armenia

January 25, 2021

MTD landscape architects received the first prize with its entry for the competition for the Triangle Park in Yerevan / Armenia, which it drafted in collaboration with Archidutch! In the coming months, the agency, together with Archidutch (ICN-group), and in consultation with the American University of Armenia and the residents and entrepreneurs involved, will further develop the competition design into a sustainable and future-proof plan for the university campus and city park.

In August 2020, the American University of Armenia (AUA) launched a competition for the design of the Triangle Park. The park is in a bad state at the moment. But there is great potential to revitalize it and develop it into a lively and green meeting place for both the University and the adjacent residential area. The park can serve as an important "stepping stone" between the old city center of Yerevan and the residential areas further north.
By means of an extensive participation process with the neighborhood, the University has drawn up preconditions, which have served as an important starting point for the competition design.

One of the important factors of the location and challenges for the design are the large height differences of about 10 meters. The park is situated on a fairly steep slope, which is difficult for pedestrians to pass through, has a fairly monotonous layout and is plagued by erosion and water problems. Within the competition design it is proposed to transform this slope into a terraced landscape, with which a comfortable and high-quality route can be introduced into the park. In addition, the terraces offer space for a rich and diverse range of plants and numerous play, sports and leisure areas. The water is slowly drained over the terraces and collected for reuse.
An underground sports facilities building designed by Archidutch has also been incorporated into the competition design.
The Triangle Park will become a valuable addition to Yerevan, where strengthening biodiversity, climate adaptation and sustainable rainwater solutions go hand in hand with the creation of a safe, accessible and high-quality accommodation and meeting space for students and residents.