Green light for Breda City Campus!

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December 3, 2020

The municipality of Breda and Mr. van Eijl (owner of Amrâth Hotel) have reached agreement on the development of Breda City Campus on the site of the current Hotel Brabant site. MTD landscape architects was asked at the end of 2019 to draw up an urban structural design and (roof) landscape plan in collaboration with VSAP architects and VKZ BV.

The site consists of a natural outer shell which gradually changes into a more cultural (roof) landscape as a central area. In addition to green qualities, the roof landscape also has a lively and dynamic character that suits the nearby urban functions. In a larger context, the larger grain and the green border is related to the green character of Claudius Prinsenlaan and the ambition of the municipality of Breda to design it more as a "parkway". The buildings of the campus form a gate effect on Claudius Prinsenlaan through a height accent; the head'. The "body" relates in terms of height and grain to the buildings on the Heerbaan.