Nieuw Bergen; a sustainable urban residential area is taking shape

Nieuwbergen 1
Nieuwbergen 2
Nieuwbergen 3
November 17, 2020

MTD landscape architects is working on behalf of real estate developer SDK Vastgoed and in collaboration with MVRDV on a development plan for the public space of the new Eindhoven district of Nieuw Bergen. For this iconic and high-profile project, four new residential buildings will be developed and three existing buildings will be transformed. Nieuw Bergen will be a green and contemporary residential area in one of the most authentic and popular areas of Eindhoven and will comprise approximately 220 homes and various public functions.
MTD designs the public space; on the squares, streets and green areas, which are largely situated on underground parking basements. The highest possible ambitions with regard to biodiversity and climate adaptation will be realized.

In the new residential area parking is underground and the car is a guest. The image of the public space is determined by flowery permanent plants and large solitary trees. They connect to the terraces and transparent plinths of the adjacent buildings. The alternation of sun and shade provides an attractive public space with a high residential quality. The plans are thus in line with the principles of the Eindhoven concept of the 'Fascinating Inner City'.
The development of the plans takes place integrally; architectural and civil engineering go hand in hand with the realization of maximum sustainability and monumental greenery. With the realization of Nieuw Bergen, more than 3,200 m2 of high-quality greenery and biodiversity will be added to the city center of Eindhoven. Rainwater retention under the pavements in combination with capillary infiltration under the planting forms an integral part of the plan development.

In the coming year, a definitive development plan for the public space of Nieuw Bergen will be developed in collaboration with SDK Vastgoed, MVRDV, the municipality of Eindhoven and the surrounding area and other stakeholders. The project will be completed by the end of 2024.

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