Your Trembling Mile kicks off Boulevard 2020 this weekend!

populierencirkel Zuiderpark
August 6, 2020

After the enchanting sound performance of the landscape opera "Signaal bij Haanwijk" at Theaterfestival Boulevard 2019, there was a call for more. Not in vain, because this summer Strijbos & Van Rijswijk and MTD landscape architects are joining forces in the delightful Your Trembling Mile.
At the invitation of Boulevard, they guide the audience past sound installations in the landscape; in the city, during a corona-proof version of the festival.

In a walk of exactly 1 mile (1.61 kilometers) you walk from the outside; from the Zuiderpark, into the city; to the Griffieplein at the Noordbrabants Museum, from green to architectural and stony; from water to air; from low to high.

You walk through a landscape that has partly been shaped in the layout plans of MTD and where long throw speakers bring vocal music to sound and panels are made to vibrate. You walk through a space you may have passed through hundreds of times and relive it.

The music makes you look at the landscape in a different way; to the city; the space lets you listen to the music differently. Not only do you experience it differently through the addition of an auditory layer. Also visually speakers and panels form an integral addition to the space. Through the collaboration of composer and architect, the elements are not simply placed in the landscape, but become an integral part of it.

The performances run daily from Sunday, August 9 to September 6, 2020
10:00 and 17:00 with the departure point at the Zuiderparkweg at the Zuiderpark and ending at the Griffieplein at the Noordbrabants Museum.

Your Trembling Mile rated with four stars in the Volkskrant