Participation for Park Rijnhuizen Nieuwegein

Virtueel ontwerpatelier
Virtueel ontwerpatelier
Virtueel ontwerpatelier
July 23, 2020

MTD landscape architects together with Club Rhijnhuizen and the municipality of Nieuwegein are working on a landscape vision and layout plans for Park Rijnhuizen in Nieuwegein. It concerns an area between Nieuwegein and Jutphaas that will be transformed in the coming years from a fairly incoherent, fragmented industrial estate, into a colorful and coherent residential, work, recreation and, above all, green habitat. The planning for this transformation process is designed as a participative and interactive process, in which a vision and design plans are drawn up with current residents, involved entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.
Completely corona-proof, the first design studio was kept completely virtual. There was a successful session on Wednesday 17 June, during which MTD landscape architects presented the first plans in the persons of Niké van Keulen and Mathé van Kranenburg and collected ideas and suggestions from the stakeholders. With this input, the vision will be enriched and further elaborated and made concrete into a sketch design and layout plans for the public space of the separate sub-areas.

A recording was made of the online design studio (with the approval of all participants) that was shared via the YouTube channel of the municipality of Nieuwegein. This gives those involved who were not available on the evening itself the opportunity to hear the story and to submit their wishes and ideas via a specific e-mail address.
In this way, despite the limitations in the context of COVID-19, full work can be continued within a participatory process.

The municipality of Nieuwegein has the ambition to complete the planning for the landscape vision and the development plans for the individual sub-areas of Park Rijnhuizen this year. And thus establish a spatial framework for the transformation of the area. The coherent image will be determined by a network of (recreational) routes, a landscape and ecological framework and a new identity. The ambition of the municipality of Nieuwegein is to base this new identity, which will be directly related to the contemporary meaning and programming of the area, to a large extent on the cultural-historical qualities present, but also on the numerous stories of the area; to preserve, to strengthen, to make them experienceable and to give them a contemporary meaning.