Pivot Park in Oss takes shape with Panther, Grizzly and Racoon

July 14, 2020

MTD landscape architects, in collaboration with Proof of the Sum and VKZ, has drawn up the urban development and landscape structure plan and image quality plan for the future spatial development of Pivot Park Oss. A place is being created where all the preconditions are in place for the development of the pharmaceutical community. Companies and startups, large and small, are facilitated on campus so that they can develop optimally and exchange knowledge. With the building plans for Panther, Grizzly and Racoon, this development is given concrete shape.

Pivot Park is the embodiment of a characteristic and rich part of the culture in Oss. Since the foundation of the world famous Organon, later MSD, a unique community of people and companies has gathered in Oss focused on innovation and development of the pharmaceutical industry. When this innovative knowledge culture came into question with the reorganization of MSD in 2010, Pivot Park was created to safeguard and continue this culture for the people and for the city of Oss.
A special feature of the Pivot Park concept is that it is an open campus; a piece of public space in Oss that, from its history, has always had a closed character. The Pivot Park is based on the buildings and infrastructure of the former Organon site.
The concept of the pharmaceutical campus is successful and the park has reached its maximum carrying capacity. In order to continue to meet the demand and to develop Pivot Park into the hotspot for pharmaceutical innovation, there is a need for an expansion of the building volume and an urban development and landscape development vision for the sites. To this end, an integral planning team worked on an urban development and landscape structural plan and image quality plan, which establish a clear spatial and qualitative development framework for the future.
The plans for Pivot Park include the demolition of existing buildings and a phased new construction in combination with the industrial buildings to be retained. The ambition is to realize one coherent compact and green campus site. A high-quality, sustainable outdoor space is being developed centrally, which will form the new heart and meeting place of the campus. This heart is surrounded by buildings and important communal facilities. It is characterized by a multifunctional use, where work, exercise, relaxation and meeting are facilitated.

MTD landscape architects is responsible for supervising the building plans in relation to the structure plan and the landscape integration of the buildings on the campus. This safeguards both the qualitative framework and makes full use of the potential that emerges in the market.