Bosch partnership selected for WeenerXL

April 24, 2020

From the spring of 2019, MTD landscape architects, within a team consisting of the Bossche architects TARRA and buro Kade, assisted by the advisors of RA infra, Archimedes, BPEM and Tritium Advies, worked on the plans for a tender for the new construction and layout of the WeenerXL sites. The new accommodation is located on the old Michelin site on the Oude Vlijmenseweg in 's-Hertogenbosch. WeenerXL is the work and development company of the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch for people with a distance to the job market. The portfolio councillor of the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch, Huib van Olden, defined the ambitions of the new building as such: "a hospitable and sustainable building and environment, with a homely and friendly atmosphere, where everyone feels welcome."
The Bosch partnership has been selected, partly on the basis of the way in which the themes sustainability, circularity and a local chain approach have been shaped within the plans. MTD landscape architects signed for the integrated landscape plan, in which, in addition to a climate-adaptive and sustainable landscape, the integration of the building into its surroundings and the heavy functional program within the site design are important components.
A "widely supported" design has been developed that will now be further elaborated in collaboration with RA infra and the selected contractor Dura Vermeer.

climate adaptive
Due to the heavy functional program for the site layout, consisting of parking, a yard, forwarding and reception areas, the site layout is characterized by relatively many types of pavement. These pavements are as permeable as possible to water. The water thus remains on the site and is subsequently salvaged and infiltrated into the soil via wadis, shallow trenches and water storage facilities under the pavements. The wadis are mainly located at the front of the site (along the Oude Vlijmenseweg) and, in addition to water storage and infiltration, offer an attractive and natural image as a calling card of WeenerXL.

The green character of the building and the site layout take shape in green roofs and the native and natural plant assortment. The latter refers to the original marshy landscape in this area and with a range of yellow iris, rush and alder, has a water purifying effect and offers a biotope for water-related animals and insects. Hedges are used along the edges of the site, keeping the parked cars out of sight as much as possible and providing natural security for the sites. The application of a great diversity of planting types contributes to a great biodiversity and to the perception of the seasons.

circular use of materials
The project's sustainable ambitions and objectives are also reflected in the use of materials in the site design; the application of circular concrete pavements, rock wool for water storage and recycled materials for the furniture. Where possible, existing materials are reused, such as bicycle sheds, flagpoles and barrier installations.

a landscape for people: connected inside and outside
The so-called "heart" is located centrally in the new building; the reception and general areas and the adjacent outdoor areas. This starts at the reception area of the main entrance for visitors to the Oude Vlijmenseweg and runs through the reception and the restaurant to the large patio and ends at the staff entrance on the north-west side of the building. Within the "heart" there are places both inside and outside for meeting and staying. They are physically and visually connected through large glass facades and doors. Due to the application of coherent pavements, furniture and plantings, the inside and the outside merge almost unnoticed. This will be further elaborated with the interior design.

connection with the environment
The landscape around Weener XL offers starting points for connections with the Boschveld district. This will strengthen the social integration of the company and increase the recreational use value of the area. To this end, the front of the WeenerXL sites have an open and green appearance, which makes connections with the adjacent residential area.

a safe area and good access
The staff parking lot, the staff bicycle shed and the yard for Groen en Post have a relatively functional design and are closed off with fencing and gates. Together with good lighting, camera surveillance and access control.