MTD wins contract for Park Rijnhuizen in Nieuwegein

April 10, 2020

After a selection procedure by the municipality of Nieuwegein, MTD landscape architects has been awarded the contract to draw up a Vision and Landscape Design for Park Rijnhuizen in Nieuwegein. In direct connection with the development of the brand and area programming by the Brand Doctors, the agency will develop a Vision and Sketch design for the main green and blue structure carriers of the area in a participatory communication process. Work will also be carried out on design plans for the public space for the individual subareas. The planning area, located near the historic core of Jutphaas, is now used as a business park and contains many cultural-historical elements and structures, such as Fort Jutphaas, part of the New Dutch Waterline, Kasteel Rijnhuizen and Kasteel Wijnestein.

The municipality of Nieuwegein has the ambition to transform the area in the coming years, from a fairly disjointed, fragmented business park to a multicolored and cohesive residential, work, recreation and especially green habitat. The coherent picture will be determined by a network of (recreational) routes, a landscape and ecological framework and a new identity. The ambition of the municipality of Nieuwegein is to base this new identity to a significant extent on the cultural, spatial and ecological qualities present, but also on the numerous stories of the area; preserving, strengthening, making them experienceable and giving them contemporary meaning and programming. The sustainability ambition for the area is high. The intention is to realize a new future-proof and climate-adaptive living and working area. The cohesive water and green structure make an important contribution to this; they provide cooling for dry and wet periods. The Vision and Landscape Plan for Park Rijnhuizen to be drawn up by MTD will be developed in close consultation with official experts from the municipality of Nieuwegein, involved residents, entrepreneurs, initiators and other stakeholders in the area. They are the real experts in the area and can contribute to broad support for the plans. The plans are expected to be completed by the end of 2020. But already during the planning process, we will look for "quick wins", which could already be realized in the light of the Vision and the Landscape Design for public space.