Update MTD & corona

April 23, 2020

The measures, as introduced on the advice of RIVM in the light of the Covid 19 virus, have been somewhat relaxed. To this end, MTD landscape architects have also adjusted the measures.
People's presence on the desk is diluted; employees are fully facilitated to work from home and log into the network. A good balance is maintained between working at the desk and working from home. Physical consultations are still kept to a minimum and have been replaced by virtual alternatives via Zoom and Teams. This way we can keep in touch in a safe way, exchange thoughts and work on current projects with the same passion and intensity. Because there are a large number of challenging projects in development and realization; the Collection Building in Rotterdam, the boulevard of Eindhoven Airport, the Direction Plan for the public space of the fortified city of Culemborg, the Vision and Landscape Plan for Park Rijnhuizen in Nieuwegein and a landscape structure plan for the Buitenmuseum Out Herlaer to name just a few.
We do our utmost to keep the progress of these projects at the high level that you have come to expect from us.
We can simply be reached by email, our fixed telephone number (+31 73 612 50 33) and the known mobile numbers. And we hope we can meet again soon and keep in touch!

MTD landscape architects
'S-Hertogenbosch and many other locations :-)