Graduation project Charlotte van der Woude nominated for the Archiprix NL 2020

March 3, 2020

After graduating as a landscape architect at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam in the summer of 2019, the graduation project of Charlotte van der Woude / MTD landscape architects was recently nominated for the Archiprix NL 2020.

Within the "Nature is Under your Feet" project, Charlotte has done research into the London underground water system, based on the former side streams of the Thames. It is a search for the possibilities to use this hidden structure as "new nature" in the city. A nature that cannot survive the harsh city life above ground, but that can make a completely new kind of habitat possible; a fragile nature to discover under your feet.

The Archiprix exhibition is open at TU Delft and can be seen until March 12, 2020, after which the exhibition travels to other locations in the country.