'Odiliapeel fond of new Oudedijk and square'

March 2, 2020

They have had to wait a long time, but they got someting to their liking. The residents and entrepreneurs of Odiliapeel are very satisfied with the final plan for the redesign of the Oudedijk and the village square, as presented on January 27, 2020 during the walk-in evening. Based on the positive reactions, the contractor can start work in September.

During the walk-in evening, MTD landscape architects presented the layout plan for Oudedijk and Terraveenplein in Odiliapeel among great interest. As a product of an intensive participatory planning process with civil servants, involved residents, entrepreneurs and stakeholders it created a feasible and widely supported plan.
In July 2018, MTD landscape architects was commissioned to draw up a design plan and preparation for implementation of the public space of Oudedijk and Terraveenplein in Odiliapeel. All this happened in close collaboration with the focus group.
For a longer time there has been talk about tackling the main road through Odiliapeel. The ambition was primarily to reduce car traffic in terms of numbers and driving speed.
The redevelopment plan is used to preserve and strengthen Oudedijk as a long, straight line of occupation in the heart of the village. This also strengthens the identity of Odiliapeel as a Peel mining village. At the same time, through traffic measures the traffic through the village is discouraged.
Terraveenplein is reinforced as a residential area, which reinforces the identity of the village. Like a square where cyclists and pedestrians can move safely, residents and visitors of Odiliapeel can meet on an attractive, green square where there is room for events.