Realization Visbrug / Dordrecht has started

January 22, 2020

On Wednesday 18 December 2019, Alderman Piet Sleeking of the municipality of Dordrecht gave the starting signal for the work on the Visbrug. The official go-ahead for the construction was given by cutting out part of the asphalt from the bridge deck.
From September 2015, MTD landscape architects has been commissioned by the municipality of Dordrecht to work on a preliminary design plan for this special cultural-historical site in the historic city center. The planning process has taken a long time and it is planned that it will now be realized in a short time.

The Visbrug connects the Visstraat with the Groenmarkt and was originally a narrow bridge combined with stairs to the water and a fish auction. With the increasing significance and intensification of car traffic on site, the bridge has doubled over time and the traffic significance has become a determining factor for the image of the bridge.
The new design plan provides for a sober design, inspired by historical map images and photos, where the residing function is central again. The square that is designed on the bridge is characterized by an arched natural stone bench and special lighting elements. They guide traffic and walking movements across the bridge in a natural way. The original fish auction served as an important inspiration for this new "Fish Bench".
Space is reserved on both sides of the square for terraces on the bridge. The historical significance of the place is enhanced by the applied details and materials; for example, the floor of the square is materialized in natural stone boulders.
All in all, the new design creates a highly dynamic place to stay, which reinforces the identity of Dordrecht!