First hectares of edible wooded banks planted on De Melkbrouwerij plots

November 18, 2019

Last Saturday, November 16, another important next step was taken in the realization of Project Melk & Noot. With around 40 enthusiastic members and friends of the farm, a total of 1 kilometer of forest plants have been planted, in the form of three edible timber walls 10 and 8 meters wide. The three wooded banks are spread out over the different plots of the Melkbrouwerij.

MTD, in collaboration with the Melkbrouwerij, drew up the winning plan Milk & Nut for the Bread and Games Competition, which was issued around March 2018 by the Board of Government Advisors. The plan introduces a nature-inclusive agricultural system, where a combination of edible wooded banks and strip grains is introduced. These wooded banks contain both edible species for humans and for cattle. This restores the historic small-scale nature of the existing camp landscape and creates a recreational attractive cultural landscape. Moreover, the planting of more trees and shrubs enhances the ecological values and biodiversity of the area and creates an increase in local products on the market.

The first three timber embankments that have been planted are located in different locations, each of which is characteristic of the camp landscape around the farm. The water wall accompanies one of the watercourses, the meadow wall serves as a partition between two plots and the enkwal is located on the edge of one of the higher situated ones. With a subsidy from the Province of Overijssel and the elaboration of the planting plan by the Inflora agency, it was possible to plant no fewer than 117 different plant and tree species. A total of around 1000 plants, shrubs and trees have been processed in the three different edible timber walls.

MTD is proud to be part of the first phase of the realization of the Melk & Noot plan and to contribute to a healthy and sustainable landscape, which is ready for the future.