Fenemaplein Zandvoort from car park roof to organic dune landscape

January 21, 2019

In the autumn of 2017 MTD landscape architects was approached by the municipality of Zandvoort to draft a design plan for the Fenemaplein. The Fenemaplein back then was a 5000 m2 paved square on the roof of a parking garage dating from the 60s, situated on the Zandvoort boulevard.
The starting point for the design plan is the creation of an organic dune landscape that can facilitate special events and that has an explicit connection to the boulevard. To this end, organically shaped planting sections with marram grass and boxes with a shell-like semi-hardening have been introduced, all surrounded by a tight framework of sand-colored concrete pavement with a wave pattern. Three spaciously dimensioned staircases take care of the accessibility of the square from the boulevard.

A number of special 8-meter high lighting columns have been developed especially for the square. They are equipped with programmable LED lighting. On a routine day, they provide a slow wave of azure blue-green light. But in case of a special event, the light poles can provide the square with all kinds of colors and patterns of light, matching the event.
With the new interior, a high-quality venue for events on the Zandvoort boulevard has been created and the residents of the apartments have been given a green space with high-quality views!