The Province of Noord-Brabant and MTD are working together on Goorloop Keldonk and Bakelse Beemden

November 20, 2018

In order to process the expected traffic, the N279 South, between Veghel and Asten, will be upgraded. This requires adjustments to the road route and the total space taken by the N279. The situation is more complex for two sub-areas and this has far-reaching consequences for the current spatial situation.
MTD landscape architects was asked by a working group from the province of Noord-Brabant, the water board Aa en Maas and the municipalities Meierijstad, Gemert-Bakel and Helmond to give shape to a piece of spatial quality and landscape integration development for the two sub-areas of the plans: 'Goorloop Keldonk' and 'Bakelse Beemden'. And to do this together with local residents and stakeholders.
MTD was previously involved, within the project team of Combinatie De Vaart, in the development of the plans for the N279 Noord between 's-Hertogenbosch and Veghel; in the landscaping of the road, the redesign of the stream valley and the architectural design of the road works, the Zuid-Willemsvaart and the Aa.

In the sub-areas 'Goorloop Keldonk' and 'Bakelse Beemden' there is a need for a landscape integration plan, whereby water retention, nature, recreation, identity and agricultural land use are fully integrated. The spatial interventions that are proposed have direct consequences for local residents, farmers and other stakeholders. In order to achieve integrated and broadly-based design plans for both areas, all parties are involved in a participative communication process where they develop solution directions and choices to be made.
This participation process took shape within three consultative structures: a steering committee, an official working group from the water board, the various Municipalities and the Province of Noord-Brabant and an environmental group of local residents, landowners and other stakeholders. The environment group collected ideas in a number of work sessions, established principles and discussed design proposals based on different scenarios. The agency tries to combine all input within the landscape design plans.
In December a number of walk-in evenings will be organized, during which the plans for both areas will be explained to interested parties. They will then be prepared for tendering and realization.