'Message in a bottle'

April 10, 2018


On 21 March, the festive start of the new construction of 56 ground-based homes took place on the grounds of the former Spartafabriek in Apeldoorn. The redevelopment of this area into a leafy residential area features a development history with references to industrial history on the one hand and a new residential program on the other hand connecting to an important access line of Apeldoorn.
The start of the construction was given shape by the initiators of the project BPD area development and Trebbe with a playful gesture towards the future. In the presence of Hein Stooker of Trebbe, Henri Schimmel of BPD area development and district alderman Mark Sandmann of the municipality of Apeldoorn, the future residents could burry a bottle on their building plot with their wish or personal message for that place and literally anchor it into the foundation of their home. As a permanent memory, the residents got their shovel home.

MTD landscape architects received the assignment in early 2016 to draw up an urban development plan and image quality plan for the newly developed residential area at Prins-Willem Alexanderlaan in Apeldoorn. The strategic location of the area, the landscape context of the Driehuizerspreng and industrial history offered many points of interest to develop a special residential area in this place that seamlessly integrates into its surroundings.
The green qualities of the spreng have been used as an important identity for the urban development plan. Two compact housing blocks stand as coherent ensembles, free in green. The felling landscape and the way in which the blocks are designed diagonally and in connection with the boundaries of the yard reinforces the urban design. To make the most of the green setting, both blocks are unlocked from the inside.
This has been further elaborated by Mulleners & Mulleners architects in the housing typology and architectural expression of the houses. This creates the cohesion in the first instance because of the unambiguous architectural image and materialisation, in which references to the industrial history of the Spartafabriek are used. The variation within the blocks is caused by the expression of the different housing typologies and the connection to the public space.
MTD drew up a design plan for the public space. The spatial quality of the public space and the muted interior areas underlines the cohesion of the two blocks, including subtly situated and detailed garden walls, hedges and vegetated pergola’s.