fountain Ermelo completed

June 16, 2017

On Thursday, June 8th, warden Jan Bosch unveiled the new water artwork at the Raadhuisplein in Ermelo. With the completion of the water element, which consists of 2 large fan-shaped fountains and 8 'deceivers', the ambition of the municipality of Ermelo to make the center area even more beautiful and vibrant has been fulfilled.
In recent years, hard work has taken place on the redevelopment of public space to give the center area a quality boost; the Stationsstraat, the Pauwenplein and the Raadhuisplein have undergone an enormous metamorphosis.
MTD landscape architects / urban designers was responsible for the design and implementation of the redevelopment of public space and has also drawn up the design of the fountain and provided esthetic supervision. The completion of the water element has been established with Rots Maatwerk in cooperation with local contractor Steevens.

The water element is positioned in the ground level of the square, so that if the fountain is not turned on, the square can still be used for all kinds of purposes; the weekly market and various events.
The fan-shaped fountains are a symbol of the peacock, which forms part of the logo of the municipality of Ermelo. The ‘deceivers’ provide a playful element in the square and invite you to play. The water element reinforces the attraction value, the quality of stay and the atmosphere of the square. Particularly, the lighting, which forms an integral part of the water element, brings increased attraction value in the evening and night time.