Zandvoort acquires a sand castle!

October 10, 2016

On the 27th of September the redevelopment plan for the public space of the Stationsplein and the Koper Passerel in Zandvoort aan Zee, was approved by the Council.
The redesign is part of the Uitvoeringsprogramma Entrée Zandvoort, which aims to improve the spatial quality of the station area of Zandvoort aan Zee, the Palacegebied and the connection between the station, beach and village. Central goal is to improve the quality of stay for both residents and tourists and to boost the image of Zandvoort.
At the beginning of 2016 MTD landscape architects / urban designers was selected by the municipality of Zandvoort to draw up a redevelopment plan for the public space of the Stationsplein and Koper Passerel. The final design, as now has been defined, is the result of an intensive design and participatory process, involving both the regular working group and relevant stakeholders. The aim is to start construction before Christmas 2016, so that the work can be completed before the start of the tourist season 2017.

In the redevelopment plan the Stationsplein is perceived as a square stretching from wall to wall. For this purpose an unambiguous paving is proposed; the various forms of traffic; cars, cyclists and pedestrians will be facilitated on a single 'carpet'. The individual traffic flows are organized by the introduction of various design elements and differences in paving materials and patterns. Emphasis is put on the motorist being merely a 'guest' on the square.
Trees and shrubs are introduced in order to obtain the desired green atmosphere and human scale and size. In relation to the sea climate, the choice of trees and plants requires the necessary care. For the trees Pine (Pinus nigra) and Olive Willow (Elaeagnus multiflora) have been selected, for low hedges Olive Willow (Elaeagnus ebbingei) and for other plantation a selection of ornamental grasses. In the middle of the station, in front of the main entrance of the station building, a water element is imagined in the form of an oversized sand castle. The sculpture of approximately 7.0 x 5.0 meters, thought in sand-colored granite, depicts the identity of Zandvoort aan Zee and offers all kinds of reasons for use and play. Because of the enlarged scale, even every adult can feel like a child again. On the route from station and Koper Passerel to the beach, smaller items, related to the sandcastle, such as shells and sea creatures are introduced. These objects may possibly also be used as sitting and playing elements and can serve an anti-parking purpose.
On the north side of the square, space is reserved for an exhibition of elements that refer to the race track of Zandvoort. Thoughts go out to a historic race car in a glass box, which will be lit during the night.
For the surfacing of the square one has chosen for high quality and durable materials, in line with the quality and atmosphere of the village center. The present yellowish baked bricks will be reused; a nod to the past and also a prelude to the color scheme of the future Palacegebied / boulevard.