Rampart Zone selected for urban planning and landscape architecture yearbook

July 19, 2016

This week it was announced that the Rampart Zone / Zuiderpark in 's-Hertogenbosch, a project by MTD landscape architects / urban designers in collaboration with Studio Leon Thier (design parking garage and bridges) and van Roosmalen van Gessel architecten has been selected for the urban planning and landscape architecture yearbook 2016. The project will be presented in the book in the context of the plans for the fortifications of 's-Hertogenbosch, which have been realized in recent years.
An independent (and annually changing) committee was responsible for the selection of disciplines most exemplary plans; the best that Dutch urban planners and landscape architects have to offer. The committee, consisting of Marco Vermeulen (SMV), Annemiek Rijckenberg (independent consultant), Jeroen Zuidgeest (MVRDV), Blauwe Kamer editor Marc Nolden (Freelandschap) and chaired by Guido Wallagh (INBO) assessed about a 150 plans.
The Yearbook shows an overview of the best current plans, projects and studies in words and immages, plus essays on the main developments and trends in urban planning and landscape architecture, and will appear in late November 2016.

The Main reason for the redevelopment plan Rampart Zone / Zuiderpark in 's-Hertogenbosch was the realization of an underground parking garage with approximately 1,000 new parking spaces. The Rampart Zone is also classified as Municipal Archaeological Monument and in this light the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch had the ambition to preserve it as a cultural and historical structure and improve its experience.
In early 2011 MTD landscape architects / urban designers was commissioned to draw up a public space development plan and lead the direction of the three parallel design processes; the design of the parking garage St.Jan by Studio Leon Thier, the restoration of the city wall by van Roosmalen van Gessel architecten and the development plan for the public space by MTD. The project was completed in June 2015 and has received much appreciation.
First strategic use of the public space development plan was to create an attractive connecting route from the new parking garage to the old city center and vice versa. In addition, the plan puts particular emphasis on the experience of the encounter between the historical city centre and the open landscape of the Zuiderpark and the Bossche Broek.
The new car park is situated at the foot of the city wall with the former city canal repositioned on its roof. Coming up in the main stairwell of the parking garage a dramatic view over the water, on the city wall and the Judastoren is revealed. Next there is an attractive route via a footbridge over the city canal, through the city wall, in the direction of the city centre. In the other direction the route forms a new connection to the Zuiderpark; via a stone staircase one can reach the Limietlaan and the park.
In short, with the realization of the plans for the Rampart Zone / Zuiderpark, 's-Hertogenbosch has gained a new welcoming entrance to the historic city centre!