MTD wins contract watchtower Doesburg

July 7, 2016

Earlier this year MTD together with two fellow offices participated in a closed competition for the design of a watchtower as part of the fortifications of the ‘Hoge Linie’ of Doesburg.
Frank Meijer, landscape architect and director of MTD, presented the first design ideas to the local government of Doesburg. After the presentation MTD was selected for further design development.

The watchtower of Doesburg will become part of ‘Beleef de Linies’; a masterplan for the promotion of recreation and tourism in Doesburg. Therefore the fortifications of Doesburg will be renovated and made perceptible so that the story of the city’s historical development can be told.
MTD has a extensive experience in developing masterplans for historic fortifications. The office is responsible for the master plans of the Rampart zone and the ‘Zuiderpark’ as part of the fortifications of the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch and the development plan for the ‘Theaterbastion’ of the medival castle Muiderslot, which is a part of the greater fortifications of the city of Muiden.

The watchtower in Doesburg refers to the location’s history, where on the 21st of June 1672, an important historic event took place when the French conquered Doesburg and the fortifications formed an important, but in the end insufficient line of defense. The concept of attack and defense provided an important inspiration for the design of the watchtower. The shape of the tower refers to a battle horse and a trebuchet, as illustrated on historical paintings of the siege, and has a slender and open construction which respects the traditional openness of the firing range situated in front of the fortifications. The watchtower reinforces the historical layers of the former fortifications of Doesburg.
In addition, the watchtower will also provide a spectacular view over the meadow bird area and the riverside landscape of the ‘Oude IJssel’ en ‘Gelderse IJssel’.