Wijchen enthusiastic for a new station environment

February 20, 2014
During an information evening people showed their enthusiasm for the plans. For the past few months, MTD landscape architects has worked together with the municipality Wijchen, NS, Prorail and urban region Arnhem-Nijmegen at the total design for the station environment of Wijchen. The latter party mentioned is the instigator: by changing the tracks, improving public transport and offering better transfer possibilities a multimodal node comes into play. Municipality Wijchen recognised the opportunity for a redesign of the total station environment, in relation to the centre of the town. The town centre, recently redesigned by MTD landscape architects, has design principles which will be applied to the station environment. The project consists  of a design for the square including Kiss&ride, taxi and bus, integration of a P+R parking garage and parking facilities for a 1000 bicycles.
Yesterday, the information evening turned out to be popular: more than 200 people wanted  to  be informed. Ruud Dubbeld (MTD), municipality Wijchen and counsellor Rob Engels presented amongst other things the rail requirements, design principles, traffic safety, spatial quality and green aspects.  Furthermore the office visualised the plans by 3D images, which enabled people to quickly form an image and opinion about the proposal. For the remainder of the evening, questions could be asked to all the project co-operators. First responses to the proposal were enthusiastic and positive. Next step is a formal statement from the municipality counsel, after this the team will continue with the next steps in the design process.