implementation of redevelopment of Asten village centre started

January 31, 2014
The public space of the village centre of Asten is being refurbished. On commission for the Municipality of Asten, MTD landschapsarchitecten has drawn up the design and prepared the technical elaboration.  The first phase addresses the Market Square, the results of which are now becoming visible. The plan differentiates itself, because of the special use of materials for the paving and the street furnishings, with which the village-like character is enhanced in a sustainable and attractive manner. The baked clinkers are an interplay of two colours in a ‘tumbled’ implementation. And the natural stone is a combination of wide granite strips surrounding the square, and broken petit granit clinkers for the filling in of the square's surface. A great deal of attention has been paid to the green character of the square. The choice was made to place solitary hornbeams at prominent spots around the square. At a later stage benches and nice light fittings will complete the redevelopment of the square. In the next phases the access roads and shopping streets will be addressed. The aim is to be ready for the summer season of 2014 to accommodate the inhabitants and tourists in a beautiful and newly arranged village full of atmosphere.