Muiden 1

Reconstruction of the first phase of the eastern ramparts of Muiden almost ready

December 15, 2021
A year ago the reconstruction of the eastern ramparts of Muiden started. This reconstruction and layout of the public space of the ramparts, for the part between the parking lot P2 and the Muiderslot, designed by MTD landscape architects, falls within the project 'Verder met de Vesting Muiden'. It includes a vision and reconstruction plan for the ... Read more
Eindhoven Airport 1

EindHoven Airport selected for the Blauwe Kamer Yearbook 2021!

December 11, 2021
Today on December 11, the Blauwe Kamer Yearbook 2021 was presented live from the Schip van Blaauw in Wageningen with a special online program. The selection committee Under the leadership of the new chairman Esther Agricola, Dingeman Deijs, Claire Laeremans, Paul Achterberg and Miranda Reitsma, this spring selected the design of the public ... Read more
Boxtel 5

Renewed Rechterstraat festively opened!

November 24, 2021
Under the watchful eye of many interested parties, the newly renovated Rechterstraat in Boxtel was festively opened at the end of October. With this, another project has been realized within the ambitious Center Vision 'Binnen de Bruggen', as drawn up by MTD landscape architects on behalf of the municipality of Boxtel. The redevelopment of the ... Read more

expansion team

November 18, 2021
MTD landscape architects has strengthened its team in recent months with a number of new employees: Rob Willems, Krijn Nugter and Vicky van de Laar as landscape designers, Rick Smeenk and Gretha Steenstra as technical designers and Tom Hunter as urban planner. This naturally requires an update of our portrait gallery . Photographer Joep Jacobs has ... Read more
opening Depot Booimans ven Beuningen 1

Opening Depot Rotterdam

November 11, 2021
The new art depot of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, also known as the Depot, was opened by King Willem Alexander on 5 November 2021. The 40-meter high mirror glass 'pot', which the architectural firm MVRDV has landed in the Rotterdam Museum Park – costs: 91 million euros – is an eye-catcher in several respects: an icon, a ... Read more