Ruud Dubbeld

Ruud Dubbeld BSc

landschape architect BNT / director

Ruud Dubbeld completed his studies in garden- and landscape design at the RHSTL in Boskoop cum laude in 1988 and has been registered as a landscape architect since 2008. From 1989 he worked as a designer at Buys & van der Vliet in 's-Hertogenbosch, before making a restart with MTD landscape architects in 1998 together with Frank Meijer and Han Thijssen as partners.

The assignments Ruud is working on cover a wide field of projects in the field of landscape architecture, urban design and infrastructure, both in rural and urban areas. The process-related and communicative aspects of the assignments receive a lot of attention with the aim of arriving at integrated, high-quality and widely supported spatial solutions. Based on this experience, he is increasingly in demand as an inspirator, mediator, supervisor and/or process facilitator. Examples of this are the sitting on the Spatial Quality Committee of Breda, Supervisor of the public space of the inner city of Tilburg, chairman of the Expert Team ('Q-team') Spatial Quality Flood Protection Program Northern Maas Valley and Supervisor of the landscape integration of the N280 Weert-Roermond.

In addition, Ruud is a designer par excellence, with great interest and expertise in artisanal aspects, technical solutions and sustainability. More and more he finds himself working on urgent tasks such as climate adaptation, biodiversity and water management.

Ruud's design style can be described as timeless, robust and clear in which the general outline is confirmed by way of carefully elaborated details. Ruud's designs are functional and lead to flexible, surprising and almost innocent use. The ‘genius loci’, the characteristic spatial features and history of the development of a place, make up an essential source of inspiration; this provides the plans with a sustainable base and strong place-related identity.

Ruud sees the training and supervision of landscape architecture and urban design students as important for the office and the field in particular. In that context, Ruud is a regular guest lecturer at the University of applied