Rob Willems

landscape designer

During his studies in landscape architecture at Wageningen University, Rob was already fascinated by the interaction between people and the environment. The most exciting things happen where city and landscape, the different layers and stories meet. In addition to the traditional landscape and design subjects, he also studied historical and social geography during his bachelor's and master's studies. Designing with a focus to both the past and the future is an important starting point in landscape architecture for Rob. In addition to his fascination for landscape, Rob is interested in architecture and urban planning.

Rob has been working as a landscape designer at MTD Landscape Architects since 2021, where he is mainly concerned with larger-scale projects and visions, such as the A67 integration vision between Eindhoven and Venlo and the Framework Public Space Development Zone Europaweg in Haarlem. He is also involved in heritage-related projects, such as the Wilhelminapark Tilburg refurbishment plans and the refurbishment of the public space of the religious heritage in Oudenbosch.