Rick Smeenk

Rick Smeenk BSc

landscape designer

After completing an Urban Design course, Rick Smeenk moved on to the Garden and Landscape Design course at Van Hall Larenstein. Here Rick has developed himself as a process-thinking and above all realistic designer. In order to come up with a suitable design, Rick looks for inspiration from the history of a place's origins. These characteristics are reflected in the structuring and detailing of his designs.

During his time as a student at Larenstein, he developed an above-average interest in making planting plans. To increase his skills, Rick also completed the minor Urban Planting during his education. His planting knowledge is applied, expanded and reinforced on a daily basis in the many planting plans he makes for projects of MTD Landscape Architects. Rick applies this knowledge daily at MTD and further expands it in the planting plans that he makes. Rick is currently working on various projects, such as the refurbishment of the center in Valkenswaard, the refurbishment of the center in Beek (Gld.) and the refurbishment of various school grounds, with the aim of broadening his vision and developing into an independent landscape designer.