Nike van Keulen

Niké van Keulen MSc

landscape architect BNT / associate

During her study at the University of Wageningen Nikévan Keulen had already shown a fascinated interest in landscape-based town planning, as is evident in the award-winning project Melun-Sénart / Ville Nouvelle which was adjudicated with honours. Within her working life this interest has been developed while being a partner at Lubbers & van Keulen Landscape Architects in ’s-Hertogenbosch since 1988, and since 1995 as an associate partner at MTD landschapsarchitecten in ’s-Hertogenbosch. Her membership of the Aesthetics Committees of Almere and The Hague are directly related to this interest.

Prominent projects include a number of urban development plans in a landscape-based setting such as De Spartahof in Apeldoorn and Fort Isabella in Vught. In addition, a number of master and design plans for public space in a cultural-historical or industrial setting are worth mentioning, such as De Hessenberg in Nijmegen, the KVL-terrein in Oisterwijk , the Stadswalzone in ’s-Hertogenbosch and the Poort van Zuid in Zutphen. A large number of projects also have an important participatory and communicative component, such as 'The World of Van Gogh', a structural vision with regard to the spatial image quality of the downtown area of Nuenen and the Development vision for the Line 1629 around 's-Hertogenbosch, commissioned by 4 municipalities. In addition, Niké is involved at a strategic level in Tilburg's greening and climate adaptation task. With the preparation of the inspiration document Code Groen Tilburg, the vision has been developed within which the future-proofness and attractiveness of the city will be strengthened in the coming years.

Some of the honourable awards that have been won are the Welstands (Aesthetics Committee) Award North Holland 2011 and the Bouwpluim (building plume) Award 2012-2013 for the Koemarkt (cattle market), the Architecture Award Nijmegen 2011, the nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2013/2014 for the Hessenberg Nijmegen and the City_Brand & Tourism Landscape Award for the Zuiderzeezicht project in Zwartsluis. The projects have also been selected and published in the Dutch Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning Yearbook.'