Han Thijssen

Han Thijssen BSc

landscape architect BNT / director

Han Thijssen (1958) is a landscape architect and one of the partners of MTD landscape architects in 's-Hertogenbosch. Han trained as a designer at the National Higher School for Garden and Landscape Design in Boskoop and partly at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, majoring in landscape architecture.

Han started his career at the municipalities of Boxtel and Haarlem and then worked at DLA+ in Groesbeek. From 1989 he worked as a project manager for Buijs en van der Vliet - landscape architecture and urban design. In 1998 he continued that office, together with Frank Meijer and Ruud Dubbeld, under the name MTD landscape architects. Han is a passionate designer and likes to work closely with architects, urban planners, developers and other clients, young designers and the MTD technical staff.

He is a realist and organizes processes that lead to a natural and high spatial quality on the one hand and to feasible and functional plans on the other. Han is mainly involved in the initiation phase of projects like selection processes, tenders, design and construction and in construction teams in complex architectural and civil engineering projects. His main interest is the development of the 'new ground levels', the roof landscapes, the landscape integration of regional infrastructure, the green and civil components of sustainable, climate-adaptive and biodiverse projects in which rainwater retention plays a role, among other things. Han is a connector both inside and outside the office.